small groups

Grace Students

We are a Student Ministry who are all about:

Knowing and loving GOD

Experiencing His GRACE

Bringing Him GLORY

Sharing His GOSPEL

GIVING our lives for Him

GOING wherever He leads

GROWING in His Word and in community


9:30 AM  Worship Service (Sanctuary)

11:00 AM Small Group Bible Study


6:30 PM - Student Worship/Bible Study

Besides an annual Mission Trip and Camp, our students serve and lead in several activities in our church. Youth on Mission will have several projects they will be working at during the school year. 


Grace Temple students have always had a heart for missions. Whether it's mission trips here in our own community or in cities along the Texas coast, or other wonderful states in our country, our students work hard and diligently "as to the Lord" and are wonderful examples of the hands and feet of Christ. 


The past couple of years, our students have attended Student Camp at the Mount (Mt. Lebanon) in Cedar Hill. From their summer camp experience, we have seen spiritual growth and an uprising in leaders.  

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